The MyLife CVS Portal is a centralized platform providing CVS employees with various resources including health benefits information, learning materials, and company updates. It acts as a hub where employees can access vital tools and data pertinent to their roles within the CVS organization.

Sign in My Life CVS

To access the portal, users must sign in with their respective credentials. The login process is secure and requires specific identification based on the user’s association with the company.

  1. Navigate to If you’re a Store, MinuteClinic, or Distribution Center Colleague, use your 7-digit ID and passcode for login.
  2. Non-Store and Pharmacy Benefit Management workers should use their Windows ID and passcode, which is the same as computer login.
  3. Enter your respective username and password in the provided fields.
  4. If you forgot passcode, click on the Forgot? to reset it.
  5. Review and adhere to the MyLife Guiding Principles for Users and Content Publishers provided on the website before accessing the information.
  6. After successful login, navigate through various sections like the learning hub, heartbeat, and health resources to find the required information or updates.
MyLife CVS Portal

This portal is exclusively designed for the authorized agents of CVS Health, ensuring secure and confidential access to sensitive information. Misuse or unauthorized disclosure of information available on the portal is strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.

MyLife CVS Portal Features

Once logged in, employees can explore a myriad of features available on the portal. This app is not just a mere informational platform; it’s a comprehensive space providing diversified resources.

Key Features:

  • Learning Hub: A special section dedicated to providing staff with educational resources and learning materials.
  • Healthbeat: Offers health-related information, advice, and tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Pharmacy Information: Gives access to pharmacy-related data and updates, crucial for employees working in pharmacy divisions.
  • Caremark Information: Essential for employees needing information related to CVS Caremark, the pharmacy benefits management subsidiary.
  • Employee Information: Enables employees to access and control their personal details, work schedules, benefits, and more.
  • Security: Ensures the protection of user data and information with stringent security measures in place.

The MyLife Portal is an invaluable resource for workers, providing them with a wealth of information and tools necessary for their roles. The website is secure, and comprehensive, addressing various needs of the employees, from learning to Caremark information, promoting an efficient and informed working environment.