CVS employees have a comprehensive portal, MyHR, where they can access payroll information, benefits, and other employment-related resources. MyHR is a valuable tool for all employees, this empowers them to oversee multiple facets of their employment and to stay updated on CVS policies and announcements.

Log In Current Employee CVS

Current employees of CVS should log in using the new and updated portal, ColleagueZone, as the previous login link,, has been discontinued. This portal is crucial for managing workers schedules, payroll login, and other essential aspects of employment.

To log in as a current employee:

  • Go to Colleague Zone Login. Write username and passcode in the required fields.
  • After successful login, browse through the site to access employee self-service (ESS), payroll, schedule, and other relevant sections.

Additionally, the link is another essential resource for CVS Health retail colleagues, offering employee self-service (ESS) features. Here, staff have the ability to view and ask for alterations to their schedules and access various other options related to services.

Note: Usage of both portals is fully discretionary and is offered for the convenience of colleagues, giving them the ability to voluntarily access ESS using their personal devices.

Log In Former Employee CVS

Former employees of CVS can still access MyHR to view pay stubs, W2 forms, and other employment-related documents. To log in, they should visit and enter their respective ID and passcode in the required fields.

For former employees:

  • Visit Enter the ID and passcode in the designated fields.
  • After logging in, former workers can browse through the site to gain access to their documents and other employment-related information.

Note: Former employees must ensure they are using correct sign-in data to avoid any inconvenience while accessing the portal.

If Errors When Logging Into My HR

Several users have reported difficulties and frustrations when logging into My HR due to its perceived user-unfriendly platform and persistent login issues. Here are some common problems and their solutions:

  • Pop-Up Ads: Use an ad-blocker or change browser settings to block pop-up ads.
  • Login Failures: Ensure correct login credentials are used, and reset the password if necessary.
  • Inaccessible Portal: Clear browser cache and cookies, or try accessing the portal using a different browser (chrome, firefox, opera) or device.
  • Automated Service Issues: Seek assistance through the provided help options or contact the HR department directly.

MyHR serves as an essential resource for both present and past staff at CVS, granting them entry to a plethora of data and resources pertinent to their employment. It provides a central platform for tasks such as checking schedules, reviewing pay slips, or utilizing employee self-service options. Available both online and as an app, MyHR ensures that all can easily access and efficiently manage their employment-related information. Whether it's staying informed or handling employment particulars, this portal offers convenience and comprehensive solutions.